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    Silly point-and-click adventure based on the Phantom Menace



This game was originally intended for An Event Apart's 10k contest. However, the amount of graphics and text I wanted made it difficult to get the game below ten kilobytes without sacrificing too much content. We were able to get the game below 14k but ran out of time to squeeze it down more and were not able to submit it.


Old NES games are awesome and so are old PC point-&-click adventures. It should go with out saying then that Shadowgate, a point-&-click adventure on the NES, is doubly awesome. After seconds of thought I realized that a first-person adventure game is perfect for the web, a place where you point as well as click. Thus began the inspiration for our 10k entry. Our goal was an 8-bit, first-person, point-&-click adventure based on Shadowgate's engine.


An engine alone does not make a good game. We needed content and were too busy staring at pixels to think up anything interesting. I remembered a great website, The Editing Room, that writes silly, abridged scripts for popular movies and thought their Phantom Menace script would work nicely. I contacted the author and he said, "Go for it," so we did.

I didn't intend to complete graphics and scenes for the entire script so now the Internet has: Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace: The Abridged Script: The Abridged Game. Hope you like it!